The Coastal Heart

The Soul & Soil

Photo by Daniel Earl.

In 2014, I made the decision to go on a grand adventure down the Pacific Coast; a road trip that took me from Port Angeles all the way to San Diego before cutting inland.  Along the way, I greeted the Pacific Ocean for the very first time, received a baptism in the Quinalt Rainforest, was given the Heart of The Coast in Oregon, met the mighty Redwoods of California, and shed healing tears in Sedona.  Nothing could have prepared me for how much that trip would change me and nothing since has been able to deter the wanderlust in my heart.


Beyond leaving me restless and determined to remain rootless, my weeks on the road and in the wild opened up a creative passion in me that I had long been afraid would breathe it's last in the drudgery of a 9-5 life. I returned with a fire burning in me to actively celebrate the beauty I'd seen and what it had done to the depths of my heart. Thankfully, in 2015, I bought my Nikon D5300 and, in it, found what I was looking for to help me share and celebrate the world around me, photography.


Over these years, I have carried my trusty friend in search of beauty, art, and inspiration from the unparalleled majesty of Alberta to The Great Smoky Mountains, from the streets of Chicago to the graffiti clad walls of Downtown Columbus, and from the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula to the healing red rocks of Arizona.


Every place I visit has a particular energy to it; a way that it swells and flows, carrying the breath of the living and the history of the ages.  Each place has a skin, a heart, lungs, bones, and a soul.


It's been said that man was made from the soil of the earth and so returns to it once his life has passed, the soul enduring. Much the same, the Earth moves, breathes, and lives, humming with an energy that we can connect with on a deep level. So often, we miss the life and light in others much the same way that we miss it in the wild world around us. We forget to connect with the soil and the soul, the soul in the soil. 


Here, I celebrate life. Here, I bring you Souil.